Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

What is a Group Tour?

It is a tour wherein Guests of all age groups travel together on one tour that has a fixed and planned itinerary, date, sightseeing’s (fixed departure with a set tour programme) and one that has a Tour manager.

What is FIT (Free Individual Travel)?

It is a tour wherein a holiday plan is customized for Guests as per their requirements and expectations. All aspects of the tour like hotel category, sightseeing, no. of days, date of travel etc. are Guest’s choice.

What is a MICE Tour (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions)?

It is a tour where we design itineraries for Corporates (companies, associations clubs, dealers etc) as per their requirement.

 Who all will travel on a Group tour with you?

Guest of all age groups, any profession, any religion, from any region/place will travel with you. One can make many friends on Tour.

What is the Group size of a Tour?

Group Tour: Number of Guests travelling in a group tour varies as per the destination. Average size of the group for World Tour is 40 to 47 Pax and Indian Tour is 10 to 34 Pax.FIT: There is no restriction of group size in an FIT Tour and it can even be 1 Pax.

Can I just do a part of the Group tour?

We offer a wide variety of products/itineraries suiting Guest requirements. We will not advise you to just do a part of your dream Holiday. But in case if still required, our booking executive will assist you for the same.

Is it possible for a Guest to extend his/her stay in a group tour at any of the destinations in the tour itinerary?

Guests can extend their stay by informing the travel advisor at the time of booking or at least one month prior to the tour/ before the journey tickets are issued. Additional charges for the changes will be applicable to the Guest. While on tour, no changes can be made.

Can the Guest modify his travel plan in a Group tour/FIT Tour, once the booking is done/processed?

Guest can modify their travel plans by informing the travel advisor about it. Additional charges are applicable to the Guest for cancelling the old bookings and making the new arrangements. The travel advisor at our offices will assist you for this process.

As the Guest needs to plan his/her leaves, is the date and itinerary of the group tour confirmed?

Our group tour, date and itinerary are confirmed and we do not change them unless and until there is force majeure events that make us change the air/itinerary routing or tour date as per the case. Guest will be informed about it as early as possible.

How is the Guest informed about reporting place and location of drop or any other detail related to the group tour?

Guest will be given pre-departure information 3-4 days prior to the date of the group tour which will include details like name and contact details of the Tour manager, reporting time and place, and other tour related information.

 What will happen if the minimum criteria for operating the Group Tour is not fulfilled?

We believe in operating all the tours we launch. However if a particular tour does not have minimum number of Guests, then we provide various other available tour options or merge the tour with another operating tour. In such cases, Guest can also go an FIT tour and pay the additional charges applicable, exclusive group tour facilities like Tour manager, Group games, all 3 meals, etc.

If the Guest cancels the tour, is the tour cost refunded?

If Guest wants to cancel the tour then cancellation charges will be applicable depending on the number of days left for the tour to depart. Guest may refer to our “Terms and Conditions” for the Cancellation Policy.

Can Grand Odyssey do only Air Ticket and Visa for Guests?

Yes we can do only air tickets and Visa for Guest.

Booking & Payment Formalities

 Where can the Guest book the tour?

Guest can book a tour at any of our branch offices or preferred business associates Guests residing outside India, can book packages & make the online /wire transfers

How many days in advance is a Guest required to book a tour?

Group tour: We suggest that the Guest books a tour at least 4 months in advance. We have a good inflow of enquiries and bookings from all locations and our tours are filled to its capacity 2 months before the actual tour date. Railway booking for Indian tours also opens 2 months (60 days) prior to the tour departure date. The Guest can book early to get also early bird discounts if any if s/he books well in advance.FIT: We suggest that the Guest books a tour 2-3 months in advance to get lowest airfare, good hotels and such other benefits.

Is the Guest required to pay entire tour price at the time of Booking?

It is not compulsory to pay the entire tour price in one go. Guest can make registration payment of the tour first and then balance payment can be cleared one month prior to the tour. However, if Guest makes the entire payment of the tour 60 days prior to the tour, then s/he will receive the full payment discount as per policy.

What are the documents required to book a tour?

To book a International tour we need Guest’s passport with 6 months validity (9 months validity for Malaysia) from the date of arrival in India. Also there should be sufficient blank pages available for visa and immigration stamping. Along with passport, registration amount as per the tour price and residential proof is also required. For Indian tours, photo id proof, residential proof and registration booking amount is required.

 Can an NRI Guest / Foreign Guest book any of the Indian Group Tours?

NRIs can book Indian group tours with Grand Odyssey, and their tour price is defined in USD for all Indian tours.


Travel Arrangements



Can Guest request for a window seat or a seat with more leg space?

Guests can request for a seat of their choice at the airport check-in counter. It will be provided by airline as per the availability.

 Do airlines provide wheelchair facility?

Airlines provide Guests with wheelchair facility but since it is limited, Guest must inform about any such service at the time of booking itself. Some airlines may levy additional charges in such cases.

Can Guest upgrade class of airline or travel?

Guest can upgrade class of travel or airline as per the availability and on an additional cost. Travel advisor must be informed about this at the time of booking.

Can Guests book their own air tickets and join the tour directly at the first reporting place?

Yes, for all group tours Guests have the choice of joining the group directly at the first destination and leaving at the last destination. Tour cost will differ in such cases where we arrange for hotel accommodation, sightseeing’s, meals as specified in the itinerary, tour manager services, guide and driver tips. Visa, insurance and air ticket cost are not included in the tour price.

Is a telephonic or an internet check in possible on the day of departure?

For group tours airlines prefer check-in at the airport counter only.

How much baggage is allowed per ticket?

Currently, at most of the destinations airlines allow 20-25 kg in Cargo and 6-7 kg as Cabin baggage on per ticket and it varies from airline to airline. For Guest traveling to US, baggage is governed by the Piece Concept. As per the piece concept, passengers are permitted two bags of up to 23 kg for per ticket of economy class. However for internal flights there is no free baggage, Also due to security reasons during internal flight the bags cannot be locked and there will be timely instructions from the Tour managers in this regard. Hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed for both international and internal flights.


Is Guest required to give a copy of rail/air tickets to Grand Odyssey?

If Guest books rail or air tickets on their own then they are requested to give a copy of the same to the travel advisor.

Can Grand Odyssey book one way journey tickets for Guest?

We will assist Guest with one way journey tickets for regular Tours. Guest cannot take only one way ticket as the to and fro economy class air ticket cost is included in the tour price.

How much is the baggage allowance per ticket?

Currently, airlines allow 20 kg in Cargo and 7 kg as cabin baggage on per ticket. Also, in hand baggage one personal item like laptop or ladies purse is allowed. However, certain cities/countries have different check in policies due to security reasons and the travel advisor will inform the Guest at the time of booking.

Is Guest required to carry any ID proof while travelling on tour?

All Guests travelling on Indian or World tours are requested to carry photo identity proof such as election card, PAN card, driving license, passport and school/college id card (for students). Also, at certain sightseeing locations in India an identity proof (except PAN card for Sikkim Darjeeling Tour) is a must.

Does Grand Odyssey book journey tickets for Domestic tours?

Domestic tour price does not include air or railway tickets. If Guest wants to travel by rail, then the tickets have to be arranged by them. We can assist you with agent details from where you can make the railway bookings; also our travel advisors can help you with train options. Grand Odyssey will book Air tickets for Guests if required.

Coach and Mode of Travel

During a group tour, how are the seats allocated in a coach?

Seat allocation in the coach is on first come first serve basis.

How many hours is the road journey on a particular day and are there frequent halts on the way?

The length of the journey is different for different tours and differs from country to country/ city to city / itinerary to itinerary. There would be frequent halts in the journey.

What is the mode of travel in FIT Tour?

In an FIT tour, Guest is free to choose their preferred mode of transport and it depends on availability of the vehicle.

Meals and Beverages

What type of meals are served on tour?

Group tour: As per itinerary we provide all types of meals which include Continental Breakfast, Indian Lunch and Dinner.

FIT: World Tours: We provide breakfast only; however as per request, lunch and dinner can be arranged depending on the location and the restaurant/hotel availability. The additional amount will be a part of the tour cost. Also, if required, we can provide a list of Indian restaurants to the Guest. Domestic Tours: Except a few, in majority of the destinations both Breakfast and Dinner are included in the Package.

Is a special meal available on tour?

Group tour: We can provide special meals to Guests like Jain Meal (which is without Onion-Garlic). In case if a Guest is observing a fast then we can arrange for fruits, milk and finger chips. Also, baby meal can be arranged which includes tin milk, rice and plain dal and will be made available during meal hours only. At the same time, we suggest that Guests carry sufficient baby food in case it’s required in between meal times. Special meals can be arranged if we receive intimation at the time of booking, if not at least 15-20 days before the tour starts.

FIT: Special meal can be arranged as per availability, depending on location, city, country etc. Guest is required to give intimation in advance.

Is there any provision if a Guest needs tea frequently?

Guests can have tea/coffee during breakfast. At a few sightseeing locations we arrange for tea, coffee, ice cream etc. as mentioned in the itinerary.

Hotels & Room Types

What is the hotel category provided by Grand Odyssey on Group Tours?

The hotels provided on group tours are standard hotels with all basic amenities.

In group tours, what is the basic accommodation type provided?

In group tour, mainly accommodation is provided on twin sharing basis. Guest can opt for other room types as well like single room, double room or triple room. The travel consultant should be informed about it at the time of booking.

Are the hotels provided in group tours located within the city?

Hotels are fixed as per availability and are generally located at convenient locations.

Can a single Guest travel on a group tour? What is the procedure for the same?

Single Guest can travel on any of our group tours. She/he can book a single room that is almost the same size as that of a twin room. In such a case there will be single occupancy charges applicable to the Guest. There is also an option of sharing a room with another single traveler of the same gender, if both travelers are willing to do so.

What is the meaning of twin sharing?

Twin sharing means two adults sharing one room with two separate beds.

What is the meaning of triple room?

Triple room is allotted when 3 adults share one room together. Mainly, a family of 2 adults and 1 child or 3 adults prefers this type of room. The size of the room is same as that of a twin room and the third bed is often a roll-away mattress.

What will be the room sharing and tour price if one adult and one child want to share a room?

For Indian tours, if child is below 11 years of age and sharing a room with an adult then child has to pay adult tour price. And in case of international tours, if child below 11 years of age is sharing a room with an adult then the child tour price comprises 2 parts – INR component of child tour price and FOREX component of adult tour price.

If there are 3 adults and 1 child, can they share a hotel room?

If Guest’s family is of four, then s/he is given 2 rooms at most of the destinations around the world. As per the safety norms, 4 Guests are not allowed in one hotel room. In such case, if Guest has a child then she/he has to pay adult forex tour price.

Do hotels provide porter services to Guest on group tour?

Like India, in many of the countries, porters are not available and so we suggest that the Guests carry stroller bags that can be handled with ease and convenience. Porter services if required must be intimated in advance and arrangements are made as per availability. Charges for the same needs to be borne by the guest.

Will it be safe to keep belongings in the hotel room while Guests are out sightseeing?

We advise Guests not to carry valuables while on tour. In many hotels, they provide safe deposit lockers for safekeeping of Guests’ valuables. Guest is requested to take care of the locker keys or remember the password of the locker system. Please note that if the key is misplaced or password is forgotten, fine is levied. Do not keep any valuable unattended in the hotel.


Is passport required for travel?

For any international tour, passport is a must.

What is Visa and how can a Guest obtain the Visa?

VISA means Visitors Intending to Stay Abroad. It is a permission granted by the high commission or consulate of the country you wish to visit. There a few formalities involved and for some countries, Guest is required to go for a personal interview. The visa fees are included in the tour price for World Tours.

What is the probability of getting visa when we book through Grand Odyssey?

We are Visa facilitator and we will guide and assist Guests for filing the visa application. But Visa is granted at the sole discretion of the consulate/embassy. We do not give any assurance or guarantee of Visa to any Guest as it is beyond our control.

If Guest’s visa is rejected and s/he is forced to cancel the tour, then does s/he get a refund?

Tour price is refunded to the Guest after deducting visa application fees and cancellation charges, if any.

If Guest’s maiden name is reflecting on the passport, then can s/he book a tour on the married name?

All travel arrangements are made as per the name on the Guest’s passport. It is mandatory that the booking form is also updated as per the names/details on the passport, as it is the only valid document available for verification abroad.

If Guests wish to extend their holiday beyond the scheduled duration of the group tour, how can the visa/insurance managed?

Visa and insurance cost included in the tour price is only for the tour duration. If Guests wish to extend their stay beyond it, Grand Odyssey will process it for the duration specified by the Guest. Additional expenses i.e. additional visa fee and insurance amount will be borne by the Guest.

Is Guest required to take overseas travel insurance?

Group tour: We suggest and advise Guests to take adequate overseas travel insurance cover for protection from risks like loss, damage, accident or injury to life etc. on tour.Guests above 59 years of age are required need to additional charges for insurance and the amount depends on the insurance premium.

FIT: Insurance is suggested and advised for protection from any risks like loss, damage, accident or injury to life etc. on tour. It is not included in the tour price and will vary as per the age and destination. Foreign Exchange

How much foreign exchange can Guest carry on tour?

As per RBI rules and circulars, the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) per financial year is US$ 10000 or equivalent per person (maximum Cash up to 3000 USD and 7000 USD by Travelers cheque) for leisure traveler and US$ 25000 for business traveler.

Is the Guest required to carry multiple currencies depending upon countries they are going to visit during the tour?

If the local currency of the country you are visiting is easily available in India, you can carry it on your tour. But, Euro and USD are globally accepted currencies and can be easily exchanged in any part of the world.

Is it advisable for Guest to carry foreign exchange in Cash for the tour?

Guest can carry cash with them while on tour, but we suggest them to carry American Express Travelers Cheques, Forex Card as it is accepted around the world. Travelers Cheques will help the Guest to have a control on their expenses and spend within their budget. Also Travelers Cheques are safer because even if it is lost, it can be replaced worldwide, mostly within 24 hours.